1st Registration Day of KL Marathon

If you have read my previous post, you would know that I am bonded with the kl marathon registration days and today was the first day for the registration
so far it went well, we got to smile ~all the way~
but yeah that was tiring but good experience

At that place, people were so busy and running everywhere to get the work fast done. And the places were filled with boxes and got the area became smaller, so often get bumped to each other. my toes are aching right now too.

at one point,
there got one artist wanted to register also
so i started finishing the work in extra speed of my current customer
thinking that the artist would come to my counter~~
but he went to other counter T3T
anyway he passed my counter 2 times so i got to see him closed up. so handsome.. XD
and here are some pics i shot when my counter was empty for 1 second

this was when got no customer in the house yet

and then it got crowded every 10mins

though i couldn't snap the artist's photo D:

Riding bike =D

i havent ridden bike since bout 5 years ago i think
i got caught by police not wearing helmet,

but maybe coz i was too cute, i didnt get any summon


anyway, i got to ride bike with my bro, i got excited of course
i felt the wind blowing to my pretty face
--- like flying ---
maybe coz my bro drove it too fast too but i liked it anyway =D

then i noticed i was holding on tight onto my bro's waist. so i changed it and grabbed his collar
didnt care he got suffocated or what D:

i dont want people think i was his girlfriend

coz, i see usually couples riding a bike, the female will hold on the male's waist
yeah romantic though but if bro and sis
that's awkward haha