The First Day of 2010

I woke up early today, but not so early... BUT STILL EARLY FOR ME!! xD My mom asked to go to Nilai Spring to play bowling along with my dad and younger sister. I have never played bowling, but I guess they do before. SO it means I'm just gonna follow their butts anywhere there. My dad made member cards for each of the family member. But I know his only reason is to play golf and get more discounts by registering our names haha. Bad minded for my own dad x( I had pisang goreng as breakfast. At least it was my mom who made it, it's been so long since I had my mom's cook. The kitchen has only been used to cook cold food like nuggets, hot dogs, burgers, etc. For lunch and dinner mostly my twin brothers will take their turns to buy food.

The time I'm typing this, I'm waiting for my mom to back home. She went to accompany my bro to buy plywood for his stall that he'll open soon. He'll sell phone stuffs and taking calls for wedding pictures. Good luck for him. I hope this will make him more modals to open his own shop soon. J I'm planning to help him selling at his stall located at Uptown. This may be the chance to see and meet lot of people. I have been in the passive mode in this year, wait, it was last year already... since I started playing a game called Destiny Online. I think there was once I played 20 hours straight without stopping except only to take bath, pray and eat, but I also seldom eat because I was really into that game... whew... and now I really missed that game since I'm back to university and still can't play when I'm back home because my sister unplugged the streamyx cable!! T__T I really have to save money and buy my own broadband sooner or later. Oh my, now I'm so hating my sis for what she has done. But I still admit that after that my family became a bit active more than before because now the only thing that can distract us is tv and offline games on pc. At least it is not that addicting as web surfing (including facebook), chatting and online games.

Anyway, I write this really in 2010-01-01, 10:38 AM haha, but I don't know when will I publish this because as you know, internet problem L Nevertheless, Happy New Year 2010!! Hope a lot of good things and even more of it happen and await us this year and, deep in my heart, I hope I'll get married this year wakakakaka!! THAT IS SOOO NOT GONNA HAPPEN that fast. But you can't deny that every woman dreams bout it xD *nods nods*