I'm a Girl, but I Wish I was a Boy

First, I want to tell that I will not change my sex to male or 'other form'. This is just what I think about men that women don't have and yet, men are getting more advantages than women.

1. Even a guy is stupid with no high education level, he can still make more money than woman because they can work almost anywhere without hesitating their safety.

2. Women with stable jobs and monthly income can be the victims to men. Almost in anywhere, men voice out their intention physically by groping women, and they enjoy it (who wouldn't duh!) . Even if the female started it, it would seem that men start it!

3. Men are very simple. They can wear on same clothes in several days and girls still think they are cool and sexy! (wth..) The fact is, a lot of men still put on their super torn up boxers and no one complains bout that! Yuck.

4. Men don't have to think about tidying up their bedrooms, maybe sometimes, maybe a couple times of a YEAR ! That may be because that no one a.k.a females would help them, or in emergency situation that all family members have to clean up their 'areas'. In any house, girls will have to help them clean up their bedroom even they don't want to (that's my case lol).

5. Like people say, men's life start at their 40s. Men still look cool even in their 40s while women already worrying about their grey hair, wrinkles on their faces, and if they can still do the job in bed!