Sleepy Day

Last night I slept at 4 am. I wandered all the time though I've finished the thing I should do to find a topic for the speech I'm gonna do after mid-term. The next day would be the deadline to send the topic tho. But I couldn't keep myself stand/sit still! Then I went to bed at 3 am... @.@ I couldn't. There was voice whispering and like crying under a blanket not so far from where I laid..

My friend was arguing with her boyfriend.. -__- omg

Btw, this post is a draft which I have delayed for months, but im feeling like to post it anyway haha. So this has nothing new, but just a past :)

No Internet kills me so much

Ahah, no it’s not. I’m still alive and writing this entry. But I’ve been in no mood since I couldn’t get internet connection 3 days ago. I got nothing to do and ate 3 apples and 2 pears in the morning just to make the boredom I felt at least gone a little. Yeah, like people always say, when we bored we get to eat something, not because we’re hungry, but because we’re bored. Just a great time that tomorrow I’m going back to college and this suxx a lot that I couldn’t get to internet and at least to say something to my friends in the game. =/

In these days (without internet), I watched 5 movies straight every day. Thank goodness there are bunch of movies in my laptop I copied from senior sister in my dome and from the cybercafe’s bro and still got a lot to watch. Damn I’m so bored without internet. Else what I did, I played with Photoshop and ended up making nice and happy-go-lucky wallpaper just suited my taste very much. I have many friends who are talented in computers like programmers and designers whom I learned so many things from them. Weirdly, I never meet them in real life. I knew them from this forum which we called as LG (totally not the brand name a.k.a Life’s Good) and we were like family there. Basically, it’s all about hacking site. But it turned out me still hanging out there because I got to meet great people.

I got the thought that when I’m back to college which would be tomorrow, most of my friends will become fatter, including me. Last semester, my friends always put on diet and only eat lunch which usually just cookies or bread. Bah. I wasn’t like that at all. I bought full packed of rice and lauk in the polystyrene every time it was lunch time. I couldn’t miss breakfast, lunch and dinner even once or I’ll turn out being hungry for the rest of the day. So basically, they would let out their hungriness at home because they were like ikat perut all the time in hostel. I wonder if they were out of budget. They bought new clothes, bags and shoes every month which was so different compared to me. I used same baju kurung I used to wear when I was 13-year old, used bag from my sister which I took without her knowing (buahahahaha!), a pair of tore shoe I used for two semesters. But I still so broke! Whyy??!! T.T

No worry, I’m still in same figure but big stomach due to bad habit napping after eating. I played computer all the time even if I didn’t eat for the rest of the day, I didn’t mind at all as long as I could play and stay connected to internet. >:3 For now, I’m saving some money which I will spend on this game (Destiny Online, of course no else). I’m full of spirit to start this new semester (actually not, AT ALL!) because ………… hmm okey Imma stop pretending. I HATE GOING BACK TO COLLEGE WAA~~~ I want to stay at home. -.- Patient patient. Just 4 months…. *huhuuuu* Till then, let the time tells. =)

Embarrassing Day

Again, today I woke up so early in the morning to wait those workers to come. Fortunately, they did come today not like before. With big smile on my face, I led the way to balcony where they would do the works. They had to pass through my room and I thought I had cleaned up all things before they came..

Then I went to my lappy to start my routine I have been doing in these three months which is playing Destiny Online. I didn’t expect anything even when one of the workers came to the door and stood there; he was like to say something but walked away... Hmm still, I expected nothing.

Until then, SNAP!! I remembered 2 my panties still there laying on my bed beautifully! OMG!! 5 unknown men had seen my panties waaahh!! Stupid idea to dry my panties @.@ So that’s what that man was trying to tell.. And that was really EMBARRASSING!!! I just ran to my room and quickly took those panties, but the time I was there, a worker was changing his clothes. Thank goodness just his upper side... I would not dare to see more though arrghhh. And what annoyed me was when I was taking my panties he stood there and just looked at me with that innocent smile (I think kinda greeting smile). Oh please, for my sake can you at least turn around and pretend not to see?! *sob sob* actually there’s another hanged panty in the toilet but I forgot to take and I left it there in hope they would not get in to the toilet. But it wasn’t as I expected T_T

Bad starting day really. I came downstairs with pile of dirty clothes and two words came out from my mouth, “Oh sheet!”. I think at 11 am suddenly I was disconnected. I picked up the phone which I usually do whenever I got dc’ed to repair the connection. But this time it was different. The phone gave no tones at all. Hmmph, I thought it would be just for a while. And I waited till 5pm >:S and what I got, the phone’s wire was cut off in accidently when the workers brought down the roof from second floor. BAD NEWS for meeeee!!! No internet till TM NET comes to the rescue!!~~ This will take days before the line will come back ><>:3

Back at home, I finished that Char Kuew Teow –slowly- even that I was so full. Still so sad though deep inside ( emo emo~ ) NO INTERNET still! Guess got no luck that I may go back to college in these next 2 days without playing Destiny Online at all. Thank goodness I gave my pass to my IGN future husband to take care of my char. Still hoping the phone line will back up soon, really really soon before I go back to college ><

P/s: I just realized that I’ve wrote a super long blog entry. Must be coz I got no internet waa~~ So bored so bored..