I'm in hurry though. I promised to myself to get just 30 minutes online, and it was 2 hours and 30 minutes ago. Oh well, it's been days after I updated my profile. Just a few more days that I'd buy new laptop and I think imma have new theme of my blog page. As you can see, it sucks, boring and just plain.

Today, yet another same day I've been through. But slightly different. I had a problem when I want to defecate. Yeah, a lil disgusting story but Imma tell though. It got stuck for almost 30 minutes. It really hurts my ass. This due to my eating habit of chocolate powder. I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's why my poop was really dark-brown. XD Haha

Okey, stop talking about those stinky thingy. Anyway, I took some recipes to cook for tomorrow. I plan to cook meat and chicken. Two side-dishes would be perfect, maybe imma make some omelet. Talking about omelet, once I made it following the recipes I got from the PS1 game named Harvest Moon. It was a simple one. Just an egg and milk. I just want to taste it. So I made it again and over again until there was a time I wanted to puke after eating it. Then I just stopped right there and never make that dish until now. Yeah, I'm planning to make it tomorrow.

Another 2 days to go until that I'll go back to my hostel continue studying for the second semester. Now these thoughts came to my mind, "What was I doing all this long that just 2 days to go that I had to go back to my hostel?". I guess this semester wouldn't be much worse that before because I'd have new laptop! Can't wait to having it X3