Tiring Day

Today I woke up so early to complete the unfinished work that I supposed to do last night which was, to clean my cats' poo. @_@ Yeah, it's been kept ever since I got back home like, umm lemme see, 2 months and half ago ;x Yeah, the poos were mounted and I had to take deep breath whenever I had to pile them into the bucket. Then the next step, xD I threw all of it to the toilet and flush them altogether ( hoped not gonna stuck or blow out and I would be so dead ).

The thing why I was so sudden to cleaning the disgusting poos was because of my house going to be renovated. The ceiling has so many holes due to the leaking whenever it's raining. My mom asked me ( it's a must though xD) so that we wouldn't get embarrassed to the people who gonna do the work renovating our house. But it was my plan though to clean it this week seemed that this week is the last one for me to be at home. I'm going back to college ( waa!! I'm so hating to go back to school since kindergarten! >:( even I had to hold tight the front gate of school. Yeah, it's based of true story of myself xD) Anyway, I'm thinking of doing good deed at least before I go back to college * angel face*

The thought of getting back to college for new semester really runs in my mind every seconds as it nears to the date until I forgot my best-friend birthday :O Gomenasai Lina ! I'll call you tomorrow I promise ><>:3 thanks to my elder sister who used to share same room with me, bah .

I waited, waited and waited ~ But the workers still hadn't come to my house. What??!! after all my hard work . . . I'm so ..speechless. They didn't come at all today ! grrr.. But thinking back, if not because of them also I wont get my lazy butt to get off cleaning those things. Aah I feel a bit fresh after got my body did some works ( feel fresh after cleaning poos??). I spent my 3 months holiday to be just in front of the computer ~ hmm I guess 2 weeks to be cut coz I went to vacation. I was so addicted to this game and still am! It's Destiny Online =) I got level 84 there being 24/7 infront of my lappy grinding and heavy quests xD

Anyway, I hope that my college will not block Destiny Online so I can still play it there without going to cybercafe. Plus, I'm certain that it'll be so lag and I will not be able to move my char =/ Hmmph, then I have to say bye bye to my Destiny Online. I will be back after 4 months :3

I just don't understand men :(

They get near to us,
Get close, closer and closer,
Making us feel they're important to us,
But they didnt do what they suppose to do.

O'please men these days,
Stand up and show us what you got,
Make the first step,
Don't let us waiting.

That's just what I want you to do,
Dont make us waiting and feel desperate,
For the sake of men, show some braveness,
And make the first step. >:/

Until then, we wait no more,
You blame us for nothing,
With what you miss the chance to say,
Those simple words.

When the time we leave you,
You just realize the big loss you have had,
But there is no turning back,
Especially for you that never get to learn!

For the last thing I want to say,
Just go on with your life,
And me, myself as well,
Because we're just not gonna get along,

As time passes,
The relationship we had between us,
Is fading away,
And I'm afraid that it'll turn out to hating you.

So please,
Stop blaming me,
Or at least understand me,
And stop taking out all the blame to me..

P/s: This is dedicated to a person I met in online game anyway xD