Reasons of why I don't like KIDS!

I just came back from trip to my hometown and as usual, I met my young nieces and cousins. After all, I treated them in the equal way from babies to toddlers to naughty kids. But I couldn't resist to feel annoyed to some kids from the way they talk, walk, eat, act blah blah :-

PS: These are from my experiences, so nuff said.

ONE. They like to pick nose and try to touch me with the same finger they used!
TWO. When I say STOP that means to them, 'DO MOOOOOOOOOOORE!'
THREE. They like to hit me with whatever things they have in their hands. Once they got a ball and threw it to me, both the ball and my head bounced -.-
FOUR. They think they are cute when they eat with food got onto all over their faces, and they do it on purpose. Well, I do think some kids are cute with their cheeks covered with food they are eating, but some aren't, and please to the aren't-cute-kids, stop doing that, so annoying -.-
FIVE. They put food into their mouths and take it out back. ugh.
SIX. They ask questions and when we answer, they say 'What?. After we repeat, they still say 'Uh?'/'What?' x10000
SEVEN. Hey I know you are a kiddo boy. But don't show your birds!! oh man.
EIGHT. Stop bringing all your toys to me. Not that I want to play with those blocks and teddies.

Thanks to my short trip I got to write this list :D