Weird, Sick, Lazy, Psycho People

The title is the summed up of the people I met yesterday:

Person 1: Weird, Scary People
It was Monday morning that I went back to hostel at early as 6.45 am. As usual I thought no one would get up at that time. Suddenly after passed through the gate, I realized someone's watching me, with sharp gaze. I felt sudden goosebumps all around my body, coz it was unusual someone would stand still in a place and just gazed as I pass through. There was no one except her and I. So freaky bah~ As I was passing by her suddenly, "The gate is opened already ar?" she asked. O.O You saw me passing the gate from the time I got off car and you still asked the question. baka I just answered that silly question with 'uh huh'. Then she replied, "Ooo, sorry". Sorry for taking my time asking the silly question or sorry for freakin me out that I was about to angkat my kain to run coz I thought you were a ghost?? :O

Person 2: Unreasonable, Irresponsible, Selfish People
I was at library to read free newspapers. There were English, Chinese, Malay newspapers and all in one pile. I just took one newspaper and sat down not far away from that pile coz I wanna go back there after reading this one and take the next one. Then I saw several students took 1-3 newspapers at once and put on their laps. In no time, the piled newspapers gone. So selfish uh that they just think about themselves and not other people that they shouldn't take all newspapers at once. Not like they're in rush or what. I mean for sake of other people who wanna read also leh..

Person 3: Lazy, Annoying People
I was late in class that I missed the passing attendance sheet. So I just looked the sheet passed by until to the last person then I asked the person who sat next to me to pass message to the person sat next to her and so on to get the attendance sheet to me. But, the 2-next people from me said, 'There's no attendance sheet~'. Wtf, I saw by my eyes the sheet was getting passed by all along until last person! So, I get my mind to think positive way that maybe I mislook and the lecturer forgot to give attendance sheet. But at the end of class I saw the very person that I confidently said before that she had the attendance sheet, gave the sheet to my lecturer. And I missed to mark my attendance of that day, because of the lazy person to pass message! -.- It's not so hard to pass message not that you have to shout from the end of class to the very on front seat. so mad grr.

Person 4: Kind People
It was raining buckets by the time I wanted back to hostel. Luckily I had umbrella ready in my bag all time. But there were people who didn't bring umbrella and covered their heads with textbooks or files. So I offered my umbrella though they refused. And at the end they were thankful to me. Obviously in this part, the kind is me :D kekeke

Person 5: Easy-to-freaked-out People
Yea I offered my umbrella, and we had to get through some deep puddles of muddy water, and as we were getting near to hostel gate, I said to the person I offered my umbrella, "Make sure to check your legs if there are any pacat (leech)". Apparently the girl just heard the word 'pacat' and freaked out that I would lost my sense of hearing as she shouted! x.x Then she said sorry after she calmed down and said, "I'm very easy to freak out when I heard that pacat word." So bad timing and person I met there lol

Mom! Pleeeease I don't want to live in hostel T.+

Last semester, I begged not to live in hostel, and here I am, still in hostel. How cool is that! I begged too in this sem, she said I'd be in front of lappy if she approves. I just wanna strike to show how much I don't like it here. Plus, distance between my class and home isn't so far away. Even wanna go nearby Carrefour is more far! Next semester I'm sooooo gonna beg my dad x[

Oh mom oh mom! I don't like it here.... >.>

I have to hold my pee every night coz the toilet is wayyy at the end of block, and soo creepy.
--> at home, my toilet is in my bedroom. My very own toilet! (except the parts when my sis broke the mirror in my toilet and an aunt broke the head of shower and my cousin broke the toilet door T.T)
Here, even the makcik2 clean the toilet EVERY morning still BAUUUUUUU!~~ How the students pee that it can smell so damn sharp?? @@

No peace here!
My head keeps thinking "How much my breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper will cost..?" "How much will the balance for today..?" "Will my coins enough to pay the washing machine..?" "Will I be able to wake up by my own tomorrow?" lagi.... so many ar.. x.x

Even there are compartments for each students in one room, still got no privacy. Even next roomate farts so slow also can hear HAHAHA. I mean it! While the compartments just divided by our lockers~ no door no lock~ So while wearing a bra be sure you're facing to the wall~ (in case your friend suddenly ambushes to your compartment la) nuff said :x

Though got internet here, but soooo damn slow meh! Prefer got no internet at all! hahah no no i take back my words :p Plus my uni's wifi blocks online game! soooooooo kanasai. Buy me broadband dad x[ He did though but my bro took it waaaaaaa~

I don't like it when people watch what I do on my lappy. Plus they look with full of enthusiasm wth. And I often ended up with letting them use my lappy coz they looked like as if they are so desperate. O_o But also here got aloooot mooovies that we can tukar2 together2 HAHAHA so nice

I feel so weird why people always wanna be accompanied while they're eating. If to go toilet at 2-4 am that can be accepted la. But this ... hmm. And when I do eat alone (I usually do though), my friends will ask, "Oh why you're alone? So kesian...". What the heckkk. I mean really -.- so annoying I LIKE BEING ALONE WHILE EATING so what's wrong with that??

I wanna home mom.. :[

What thing that stresses me out in the hellish way?


Everything are so blank. I skipped all classes today. No worries. No one cares bout me coming or not. My dad busy with his new wife, my mom busy reflecting how miserable she is being left by dad, my sisters with their husbands, my brothers with their works, my younger sister is busy flirting with boys.

Since my family moved to Kuala Lumpur, my family has been falling apart. We argued alot, misunderstood on small things, and brutal actions over taken by our normal consciousness. People might say that this is normal things that happen in every families. But no. This started to happen with the existence of the third person who came to my dad's life, my stepmother. Even I hate it to mention she's my stepmother coz I would never admit she is, instead I'd call her 'bitch'.

Today my mother woke me up, with fierce voice after one called out of me. It was very different with how she treated me before. She was very caring in whatever she did, for family. Her cooks were terrific that every family members would miss it and drool whenever think bout it but now I see sadness on her face while she cooks. She made jokes whenever we were in car going somewhere, but now silence filling the car. Everyone go with their own minds thinking what to do in their workplaces, meetings, assignments, etc but none cares bout how to tighten the family bonds that are loosening days by days. Even when there's conversation, it would be less than 10 words.

I don't want to mention more, it's personal thing actually that just close friends know bout further details. But what really matters that things happen in my family would come first from any other things that happen. If you say study, I never want to go to school. LOL. When I was in Standard 1, I was known by the one who held-tight-the-school's-main-gate-and-begged-to-be-brought-home-kid. Every teachers and students would gather and be the audience of the drama that would be me as the main role. Even now, in campus life, I always beg my mom to stop this study. She would say, " Go marry instead." Hell no. At least not now. I have to get all my minds fixed first before taking this step. Plus with what I've been through, getting closer with men would be the first thing I would avoid.

It hurts alot to reminisce of these things even though it happened in short time. If can, I would like to bring my family and time back to where we were, in Sabah. That was the happiest lifetime I've had. Although my dad's job needs him to go outstation a lot but he remembered his family and would bring home presents to mom, and us. But now it's next to zero that he would bring any coz all the things, that bitch would filter and bring to her house instead. Aah.. what really happens sure much much vicious to be mentioned. And that, I should remained silent to myself only. The last thing I wanna say, that bitch is so baka!!!!

P/S: Stay out of someone else's husband!

Stupid policeman wtf..

This happened yesterday for the time I wrote this post

Well.. I got two summons from this fucking idiot snobbish policeman



Coz I got into accident last week

Never mind bout the accident, I'll tell later way below this post..

What I'm going to tell bout is~

At first I only got 1 summon, for late report, coz the accident happened last week

Well, it was at first we planned to share 50-50 to repair the motorcycle that I got into accident with.. so we both agree

Then, later he asked for RM5k?!?! WTF
Can't blame him also.. coz it's an old super-bike, hard to find the spare part -.-

Then we went to the police station la .. yesterday

So the investigation process went on,

My mom was beside me also in the office
Then he said my mom talked too much and said to get out from his office

Of course la, without opposing, my mom went out

But he didn't stop but talking bad things bout my mom -.-

He said like: "Your mom wasn't even there, then your mom talked like she knows it all. So sibuk (means busybody) la your mom".

WTF?! my mom already went out so STOP TALKING BOUT MY MOM and proceed you SNOB
Of course la, no mother wants to lepas tangan or do nothing if their kids got blamed at for any wrong doings and also, WHO LIKES PEOPLE SAYING BAD THINGS TO THEIR MOMS?

WTF, you think you're at high position you can say whatever you want??

The whole investigation seemed useless coz he never wanted to listen carefully my explanation,

Whenever I explained, he cut my story -.-

If you wonder what happened.. here is the story

Last week on Wednesday, I went out to send this gift that my girlfriends and I planned to give a surprise to this one gf.. so everyone had to pass on and write something in the gift .. so my turn finished so I went to pass the gift to my other friend where the home not so far, except had to cross the main road which always busy..

I already got onto the main road, and I stopped on the red light.. then when it was GREEN (my sister also saw GREEN!), after seeing the cars on the opposite side all stopped so I drove my car away, to turn to the right. Suddenly this motorcycle came from nowhere (he had his motorcycle drove fast) . I managed to stopped and but both of him and I didn't manage to dodge so hit a lil and he fell..

Here's his explanation: He said his light was also GREEN and I was the one who broke the light..
(He also thought I don't have car license coz my voice is like a kid wth)

WTF.. the main road was so busy that none can manage to cross without the light is red! I was sure that the opposite cars all already STOPPED that I managed to drove my car to cross, well almost!, until the motorcycle came from nowhere and hit my car -.-

So while being investigated,

He made his conclusion,

That I was the one who's wrong

He said:

"Don't follow the traffic light, even it's green you have to make way to the opposite cars/motors. Imagine if it's thundering there and the traffic lights are broken, you have to make way also."


So I said the hell that time didn't even thundering and the light was normal!

So we went through some conversation,

Late already kinda 7.30 pm


And for the last, he still made me the one who's wrong.. sheeeet of paper

After writing his report (I had no idea what he typed, he could also twist the real story)

He asked me, "What else you want to say?"

I still said my light was green that's why I drove away and the cars all stopped, but then that motorcycle the one who suddenly came from nowhere coz driven fast and hit my car

Then the policeman said I talked too much,



What a freaking beggar -.-

He gave me another summon just to shut me up and because he had no idea to talk back my statements

WTF so lepas tangan?? I knew you wanted to go back home fast coz it was like 7.30pm but wth give me another summon???? Coz I talked too much??


That's the end of story -.-

Oh wait, before I went out from his office,

I shouted , 'So you gave me another summons because you couldn't talk back?? Thanks for nothing!"

Unfortunately he said to repeat coz he couldn't catch what I said. Darn -.-

Then I just walked out home.. with the two summons.


What you guys think? Is this a reasonable action that the policeman gave me ?

I'm still mad tho T3T
Who don't? Burn RM700 already to pay this summons.. wth

Reasons of why I don't like KIDS!

I just came back from trip to my hometown and as usual, I met my young nieces and cousins. After all, I treated them in the equal way from babies to toddlers to naughty kids. But I couldn't resist to feel annoyed to some kids from the way they talk, walk, eat, act blah blah :-

PS: These are from my experiences, so nuff said.

ONE. They like to pick nose and try to touch me with the same finger they used!
TWO. When I say STOP that means to them, 'DO MOOOOOOOOOOORE!'
THREE. They like to hit me with whatever things they have in their hands. Once they got a ball and threw it to me, both the ball and my head bounced -.-
FOUR. They think they are cute when they eat with food got onto all over their faces, and they do it on purpose. Well, I do think some kids are cute with their cheeks covered with food they are eating, but some aren't, and please to the aren't-cute-kids, stop doing that, so annoying -.-
FIVE. They put food into their mouths and take it out back. ugh.
SIX. They ask questions and when we answer, they say 'What?. After we repeat, they still say 'Uh?'/'What?' x10000
SEVEN. Hey I know you are a kiddo boy. But don't show your birds!! oh man.
EIGHT. Stop bringing all your toys to me. Not that I want to play with those blocks and teddies.

Thanks to my short trip I got to write this list :D

No, you first la. I follow you, ok or NOT?

I always do that to my friends haha. There are many factors actually of why I do that, in one case, I want myself to be secured. There was once my not-so-closed friend gave me a link, and I was afraid to click the link, so I go to my this-one-closed-friend and paste the link to her YM. Tho my lappy equipped with well anti-virus and spyware blockers I still want someone I trust to try it first, I don't care if she got virus or not as long as it wasn't me! HAHAHA. Well the end of the story, it was just a link to a scary pic -.- *dang to my sarcastic reaction*

From what I see, people usually do their things if their group-mates/colleagues/clans agree to do with, if not, they will think twice or hesitate to do on their own. For me, most of it I am also like that la (boo at me) but also for the spare of time, I like to be alone, do things that I can do on my own. I live in hostel, like boarding school if you wonder, and whenever it's about eating time, they'll search people or someone who they can eat with. To be honest, I don't like to eat with people, but .. just say that I have nice friends so lucky me to have people accompany me eating. (:

But I really don't get it of why people really want to stick with others all the time. I mean, I'm comfortable for myself being alone, no one to be dragged along, no one to be cared bout except myself. And whenever I do that, there must be mouths asking, "Omg, why are alone? Waaa~" -.- WTF? Is it too pitiful to walk alone?? The answer, NO. Hell no you faggot. And, I'm not pointing this attitude of asking to anyone, so it could also be you, whether you were asking to really know if 'I'm alone' or your reason to point out that I shouldn't be alone. The root is, don't butt into others' business. Nuff said.

My Brother is a Pig

You can get the idea that this entry post is in ranting mode. And yes, I am ranting. I hate my brother soooooo much! He already took my childhood life that should go in a happy way, but instead it went awful. I was like a servant to them (I have twin brothers). They kept fooling me around and asked me to do ridiculous things like switching on/off the fan eventhough the switch was above their heads -.- Whenever I went upstairs, alone, they'd chanted that the Child's Play gonna get me (and it works yo, don't you ever talk about Child's Play when I was around, I am thraumaaaaaa of the Child's Play even until NOW). They'd put cockroach right on my face, right in front of my MOUTH just to have fun seeing me cried and begged them for a little mercy

Either way, I was told that every family has their own problems. Even though we detest 'em, we can't avoid nor lie about the blood ties between you two. Withal, the ranting goes on :)

If, by any chance, that you've read my entry post about 'What if you do if your brother is gay?', he, whom was talked bout there was the other twin. But here I want to talk bout the other 'other one', the one I loathed mostly of all other people on the world of this universe, of all other pigs! He is the … fattest and laziest PIG!!! rawr. Short ranting. Done done. Lol. Contrarily with his other twin who I can labeled as in a little bit of 'squid way', this one is fierce and has greater ego. He shows his emotions physically (which I mostly hate of all men's behavior). Whenever he wants to beat someone, he will. And if you think you could beat him, think twice babe. Even if I had to compare of him with my dad, I bet my brother will win. I mean, by looking at his body also can know lah. He is like a giant elephant! Whenever he walks, his stomach will shake as if it was filled with 100% water. When he sleeps he is like a whale got dumped to the shore that seems cannot get up anymore! He is fat fat fat FAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! (darn it, I hope that the phrase 'what we give will come back to us' won't come in this case as I really don't want the word 'fat' literally goes to me!).

And by mean that he takes things out of his mind as physically is for example that my bedroom's door has been broken by him twice! The last time was only with one kick and the door smashed! Really I'm not kidding! I was in the bedroom that time, and suddenly he was shouting my name and seconds after that (I couldn't even got to get up properly, luckily I was well-dressed because usually, I don't) my door was broken almost half. Yes there was a reason for that. I messed things in living room on purpose. All things were cluttered as if it just got through a hurricane, and I did that on purpose. Well, he was the one who started it. He hid Astro remote control which was supposedly my favorite programme's time and because of that, I missed it! And he said my otak is sempit! -.- duhh and why did you bring the remote even though there's no tv in your room?

Second thing why I was madly MAD at him because he didn't respect my privacy. Just because I messed the living room could let you to break my bedroom's door to half. And if I didn't 'well-dressed' at that time (well-dressed by mean that whether I was fully covered by clothes or ehem..), would you compensate to any loss either stuffs or morally abused? The answer is, NO. This incident happened two days ago from the time I write this and he still doesn't repair my bedroom door. Gah. I'm still fully in the 'fire' now. Even dad or mum hasn't done sort things like that. You are tooooooooo over. You have no rights of me. No rights to step even just a stride into my room. I, as the owner of my bedroom, don't allow THAT!

If I look back at the normal days, the house always messed up even if it was cleaned every day. And the one who messed things up was only my brother, the PIG! Which then my mother, my sister, or I who ended up cleaned his messes on behalf of him. But no one complains. Duh. Life is unfair is it? Plus when I purposely put the furniture not in order, I was the one who put it back and clean the messes myself. Why would he overly shouted and mad at me and broke my door? Fuck you la. (mind my words, I'm really pissed off) That's why I hate men who are stupidly abusive. They act before they think, rationally. They think that by showing their strength would change anything. No. You just make the hatred of the person you beat increases every seconds they look at your faces. You make them feel to not to breathe from the same air you breathe from. At least that's what I feel to the pig.

I can't think of positive things related to him, actually there are, but I just don't want to type it... because I'm afraid that I'll puke when I read it back! Haha. The real thing is I'm on fight mode with him, the big one, so no wonder I can type these things in a short time lol). I feel much better if I write all bad things here xD Yes, get the evil side of me~~~ As much as I wanted him to read this entry, I don't want him to because if he does, I'm sure suey tomorrow! :D Plus, he is not that good with English, so no worries! Wait, kanasai you google translator, I'm finished. I should write a will soon. And, he has his girlfriend who can find things in worm's hole and get that to my brother. She's like an internet spy! So… if you read this, hi there kak Nurul! :)

Alas, I wanted you to know that even I called him a pig, he is still my brother. And I don't want him to be a pig, or any other (because if he turns to pig by mean that I also should turn the same because I'm his sibling!). But it's not that he is physically or has any attributes that can relate to pig.. .it's just an expression (duh I hope you guys get it). And please don't relate it to religion issue (Islam > Prohibited > Pig). I know bout what is haram or halal, and am very well acknowledged of it :)

How to Hack Someone's Account

Caution: I will not take any responsibility of any loss or actions that you might have after this. Basically, you read this, you get the info, your own judgment, your own action, and your own responsibility!

First thing, this skill will get you to get into someone's account in any website including friendster, myspace, facebook (wooot!), yahoo mail or any account in any websites. And yes, you can also hack me if you like :P

Second thing is, you have to know that people's minds are unique. They can variably make passwords that nobody will ever think about, or they can also have passwords that people can guess easily. For example, they can make password with the name of their crush, or simply put abc123. You might think this hilarious, but there is a lot of people has it. I, myself have hacked accounts with that abc123-password.. but it's other skill of hacking that I will not state it here :> but mostly, it's mule account in gaming sites to keep their extra items/equipments, or as a spy in social community webby like fs, ms or fb (again, wooot!).

Thirdly, you have to have a target you want to hack. Someone you know closely or someone you don't even know or meet in real life, but close in community webby like portals. Get to know their interests, what they like: their favorite food or artist, what they are into like gaming, love? (yuck), computer, tv dramas, etc.

Fourthly, damn, just ask their passwords, if they give then you get it and enjoy. But then if they dont, LOL cannot is cannot la. HAHAHA why would people want to hack lol tho I used to be a hacker too xD

I'm a Girl, but I Wish I was a Boy

First, I want to tell that I will not change my sex to male or 'other form'. This is just what I think about men that women don't have and yet, men are getting more advantages than women.

1. Even a guy is stupid with no high education level, he can still make more money than woman because they can work almost anywhere without hesitating their safety.

2. Women with stable jobs and monthly income can be the victims to men. Almost in anywhere, men voice out their intention physically by groping women, and they enjoy it (who wouldn't duh!) . Even if the female started it, it would seem that men start it!

3. Men are very simple. They can wear on same clothes in several days and girls still think they are cool and sexy! (wth..) The fact is, a lot of men still put on their super torn up boxers and no one complains bout that! Yuck.

4. Men don't have to think about tidying up their bedrooms, maybe sometimes, maybe a couple times of a YEAR ! That may be because that no one a.k.a females would help them, or in emergency situation that all family members have to clean up their 'areas'. In any house, girls will have to help them clean up their bedroom even they don't want to (that's my case lol).

5. Like people say, men's life start at their 40s. Men still look cool even in their 40s while women already worrying about their grey hair, wrinkles on their faces, and if they can still do the job in bed!

Things Changed

It's a spontaneous title I got when I saw someone's status at ym lol. But, then a lot of things that happened in my life flashing in my head, like Kyle XY and Chuck hahahah Well people are getting older, in my case, I just entered the twentieth year, I hate to know I'm 2 dekad already!

In the past two years after I left high school, I see one thing that changed a lot, I've become more individual and not to think of others. Maybe it happened because when I was in high school, I spend times with same people, The Geeky Friends. If new years started, I would know who I will sit with, eat with, be in class together, same same sameeee faces. I relied no effort on myself because everything, I would ask them :)

But then, after I stepped forward to university, everyone took their ways separately but we keep on contacting each other using facebook, and sometimes texting. And I was like, floating-didn't-know-what-to-do. But thankfully there was my mom who helped me a lot. And VERY much thankful because it wasn't my dad who helped on registration. It's just, I always couldn't get along with how he treated us, I mean, he's too firm, strict and want us to be punctual all the time! If not.... if not......he'll go makan-makan to express his feelings! HAHHAHA The real thing is, he would get mad and might throwing things (which is kinda in max-temper level lol).

Anyway, in university, new semester means new group classes, new faces, new lecturers, new friends, new dorm-mates! And I, who always the slow, time-waster like, so shocked with the uni lifestyle. I still cannot get used of it even now I passed the matrics life and moved on as degree student already.

I mixed with all types of people, even worse than I have met in high school. Eventhough I went to ordinary high school, I have to admit my friends were all smart, good behavior and nice backgrounds, basically they were all good to befriend with. But then, when I got to the campus life, lot of my friends are very social. -sigh- Yet, I do not say that they are bad friends :)

Lastly, university lifestyle is like American. It stresses more on speaking rather than high school which was like British teaching that stresses on writing and more into academic section. That's why most of Americans have bad handwriting because they learned how to speak and to throw out the ideas, not to only have the academical look.

The First Day of 2010

I woke up early today, but not so early... BUT STILL EARLY FOR ME!! xD My mom asked to go to Nilai Spring to play bowling along with my dad and younger sister. I have never played bowling, but I guess they do before. SO it means I'm just gonna follow their butts anywhere there. My dad made member cards for each of the family member. But I know his only reason is to play golf and get more discounts by registering our names haha. Bad minded for my own dad x( I had pisang goreng as breakfast. At least it was my mom who made it, it's been so long since I had my mom's cook. The kitchen has only been used to cook cold food like nuggets, hot dogs, burgers, etc. For lunch and dinner mostly my twin brothers will take their turns to buy food.

The time I'm typing this, I'm waiting for my mom to back home. She went to accompany my bro to buy plywood for his stall that he'll open soon. He'll sell phone stuffs and taking calls for wedding pictures. Good luck for him. I hope this will make him more modals to open his own shop soon. J I'm planning to help him selling at his stall located at Uptown. This may be the chance to see and meet lot of people. I have been in the passive mode in this year, wait, it was last year already... since I started playing a game called Destiny Online. I think there was once I played 20 hours straight without stopping except only to take bath, pray and eat, but I also seldom eat because I was really into that game... whew... and now I really missed that game since I'm back to university and still can't play when I'm back home because my sister unplugged the streamyx cable!! T__T I really have to save money and buy my own broadband sooner or later. Oh my, now I'm so hating my sis for what she has done. But I still admit that after that my family became a bit active more than before because now the only thing that can distract us is tv and offline games on pc. At least it is not that addicting as web surfing (including facebook), chatting and online games.

Anyway, I write this really in 2010-01-01, 10:38 AM haha, but I don't know when will I publish this because as you know, internet problem L Nevertheless, Happy New Year 2010!! Hope a lot of good things and even more of it happen and await us this year and, deep in my heart, I hope I'll get married this year wakakakaka!! THAT IS SOOO NOT GONNA HAPPEN that fast. But you can't deny that every woman dreams bout it xD *nods nods*