My Brother is a Pig

You can get the idea that this entry post is in ranting mode. And yes, I am ranting. I hate my brother soooooo much! He already took my childhood life that should go in a happy way, but instead it went awful. I was like a servant to them (I have twin brothers). They kept fooling me around and asked me to do ridiculous things like switching on/off the fan eventhough the switch was above their heads -.- Whenever I went upstairs, alone, they'd chanted that the Child's Play gonna get me (and it works yo, don't you ever talk about Child's Play when I was around, I am thraumaaaaaa of the Child's Play even until NOW). They'd put cockroach right on my face, right in front of my MOUTH just to have fun seeing me cried and begged them for a little mercy

Either way, I was told that every family has their own problems. Even though we detest 'em, we can't avoid nor lie about the blood ties between you two. Withal, the ranting goes on :)

If, by any chance, that you've read my entry post about 'What if you do if your brother is gay?', he, whom was talked bout there was the other twin. But here I want to talk bout the other 'other one', the one I loathed mostly of all other people on the world of this universe, of all other pigs! He is the … fattest and laziest PIG!!! rawr. Short ranting. Done done. Lol. Contrarily with his other twin who I can labeled as in a little bit of 'squid way', this one is fierce and has greater ego. He shows his emotions physically (which I mostly hate of all men's behavior). Whenever he wants to beat someone, he will. And if you think you could beat him, think twice babe. Even if I had to compare of him with my dad, I bet my brother will win. I mean, by looking at his body also can know lah. He is like a giant elephant! Whenever he walks, his stomach will shake as if it was filled with 100% water. When he sleeps he is like a whale got dumped to the shore that seems cannot get up anymore! He is fat fat fat FAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! (darn it, I hope that the phrase 'what we give will come back to us' won't come in this case as I really don't want the word 'fat' literally goes to me!).

And by mean that he takes things out of his mind as physically is for example that my bedroom's door has been broken by him twice! The last time was only with one kick and the door smashed! Really I'm not kidding! I was in the bedroom that time, and suddenly he was shouting my name and seconds after that (I couldn't even got to get up properly, luckily I was well-dressed because usually, I don't) my door was broken almost half. Yes there was a reason for that. I messed things in living room on purpose. All things were cluttered as if it just got through a hurricane, and I did that on purpose. Well, he was the one who started it. He hid Astro remote control which was supposedly my favorite programme's time and because of that, I missed it! And he said my otak is sempit! -.- duhh and why did you bring the remote even though there's no tv in your room?

Second thing why I was madly MAD at him because he didn't respect my privacy. Just because I messed the living room could let you to break my bedroom's door to half. And if I didn't 'well-dressed' at that time (well-dressed by mean that whether I was fully covered by clothes or ehem..), would you compensate to any loss either stuffs or morally abused? The answer is, NO. This incident happened two days ago from the time I write this and he still doesn't repair my bedroom door. Gah. I'm still fully in the 'fire' now. Even dad or mum hasn't done sort things like that. You are tooooooooo over. You have no rights of me. No rights to step even just a stride into my room. I, as the owner of my bedroom, don't allow THAT!

If I look back at the normal days, the house always messed up even if it was cleaned every day. And the one who messed things up was only my brother, the PIG! Which then my mother, my sister, or I who ended up cleaned his messes on behalf of him. But no one complains. Duh. Life is unfair is it? Plus when I purposely put the furniture not in order, I was the one who put it back and clean the messes myself. Why would he overly shouted and mad at me and broke my door? Fuck you la. (mind my words, I'm really pissed off) That's why I hate men who are stupidly abusive. They act before they think, rationally. They think that by showing their strength would change anything. No. You just make the hatred of the person you beat increases every seconds they look at your faces. You make them feel to not to breathe from the same air you breathe from. At least that's what I feel to the pig.

I can't think of positive things related to him, actually there are, but I just don't want to type it... because I'm afraid that I'll puke when I read it back! Haha. The real thing is I'm on fight mode with him, the big one, so no wonder I can type these things in a short time lol). I feel much better if I write all bad things here xD Yes, get the evil side of me~~~ As much as I wanted him to read this entry, I don't want him to because if he does, I'm sure suey tomorrow! :D Plus, he is not that good with English, so no worries! Wait, kanasai you google translator, I'm finished. I should write a will soon. And, he has his girlfriend who can find things in worm's hole and get that to my brother. She's like an internet spy! So… if you read this, hi there kak Nurul! :)

Alas, I wanted you to know that even I called him a pig, he is still my brother. And I don't want him to be a pig, or any other (because if he turns to pig by mean that I also should turn the same because I'm his sibling!). But it's not that he is physically or has any attributes that can relate to pig.. .it's just an expression (duh I hope you guys get it). And please don't relate it to religion issue (Islam > Prohibited > Pig). I know bout what is haram or halal, and am very well acknowledged of it :)