The Water Runs Out!

This morning, the first thing I heard was, "There's no water in toilet!". Plus, it was 8.30 am and my class supposed to be at 9 am. O.O Quickly I went with big pace to the toilet and waited at the outside for my turn as there was only one toilet can be used because it has tank water. Unfortunately, when it was my turn the water ran out COMPLETELY! O'sheeee! And it turned I went to class with perfumes sprayed on unusually to cover that-might-be-of-bad-smell-of-unbathed-person :O

Gladly, the water came back at night when I was asleep (I sleep a lot nowadays like 15 hours average). We kinda celebrated for the returning of water as we ordered McDonalds that night. I could see happy faces as we eat though there was a bit conflict because Sena took wrong order and ended up one of us didn't get her order. At last, we made a new order for her. Other reason was because the food weren't enough, the set didn't have fries >:/

Same problem almost every order me made for the last 4 days having McDonalds as our supper. Grr... Couldn't they be more careful and responsible?

Oh yeah, I might consider of exercising as we have had fast food straight in 4 days. Aaahh…