Things Changed

It's a spontaneous title I got when I saw someone's status at ym lol. But, then a lot of things that happened in my life flashing in my head, like Kyle XY and Chuck hahahah Well people are getting older, in my case, I just entered the twentieth year, I hate to know I'm 2 dekad already!

In the past two years after I left high school, I see one thing that changed a lot, I've become more individual and not to think of others. Maybe it happened because when I was in high school, I spend times with same people, The Geeky Friends. If new years started, I would know who I will sit with, eat with, be in class together, same same sameeee faces. I relied no effort on myself because everything, I would ask them :)

But then, after I stepped forward to university, everyone took their ways separately but we keep on contacting each other using facebook, and sometimes texting. And I was like, floating-didn't-know-what-to-do. But thankfully there was my mom who helped me a lot. And VERY much thankful because it wasn't my dad who helped on registration. It's just, I always couldn't get along with how he treated us, I mean, he's too firm, strict and want us to be punctual all the time! If not.... if not......he'll go makan-makan to express his feelings! HAHHAHA The real thing is, he would get mad and might throwing things (which is kinda in max-temper level lol).

Anyway, in university, new semester means new group classes, new faces, new lecturers, new friends, new dorm-mates! And I, who always the slow, time-waster like, so shocked with the uni lifestyle. I still cannot get used of it even now I passed the matrics life and moved on as degree student already.

I mixed with all types of people, even worse than I have met in high school. Eventhough I went to ordinary high school, I have to admit my friends were all smart, good behavior and nice backgrounds, basically they were all good to befriend with. But then, when I got to the campus life, lot of my friends are very social. -sigh- Yet, I do not say that they are bad friends :)

Lastly, university lifestyle is like American. It stresses more on speaking rather than high school which was like British teaching that stresses on writing and more into academic section. That's why most of Americans have bad handwriting because they learned how to speak and to throw out the ideas, not to only have the academical look.