My plan in the future

So this day I've overheard my brother and my younger brother talking about internet. Actually, simple to say it's about me. I get the most of the time get online, chatting, check emails and whatever else I want to do while surfing the internet. I think they get ennvious of me get the most of the time while they aren't. Well, come on! Who say that you guys can't play the computer? They don't even ask me while I was in front of the computer. Whatever.

So the first thing i want to do in the future is to buy my own house. After that, get simple furniture like sofa, bed, bathroom and kitchen suppliers. I eat a lot anyway. So it's a must for me to get the most important thing which is the ice box!! I had to put the snacks, fast foods such as chicken roll, sausages, fish cakes and so on. I'm thinking like this, in the future, me, as a successful woman working every day (except weekend) will be very very busy that I got no time to cook at all. So fast food is a big YES to me.

Then, after complete the essential things. I want to buy something that I like, which are having streamyx cable internet with the same cost every month although we open internet 24 hours every day), I want to buy play station or x-box or whatever newie that has been launched at that time. I love to play games. I don't mind whatever people gonna say. Anyway, who say that girls can't play games?? And.. I wanna have i pod-touch and playstation portable (PSP) which will I bring when I'm outside.

Hmm, for the bathroom, I want to have an exclusive bath tub that can accommodate at least 4 people. With marble floor and wall and such elegant colors. Big mirror so that I can see my whole beautiful body. Haha. And, what ... hmm.. And, another thing is, I want to have at least two cats to accompany me. I expect I'll live alone for awhile. I want to enjoy living alone for a few years until I change my mind to get marry. I love animals, so I think imma fill up one of the room exclusively just for my pets. Like in the movie, having a bed for my cats, gold bowls for them to eat on. Aaah... what a heaven life for my pets..

Hmm, for the entertainment ( isn't what am I talking is all about entertainment?), I want to have loads of full series of Korean drama and English such as smallvile, heroes, cashmere mafia, pushing daisies and so on. These can fill up my leisure time with popcorn on my lap, comfortable sofa, my cats beside me watching television too plus a bushy mat under my feet. Waah!

That'd be such a heaven for me. But I'm afraid I'd be such butt-load lazy woman. Anyway, it's good to have a dream right? Like my friend used to say, success starts with dream, dreams start with sleeping. So we need to sleep right to succeed in our life right? Haha, she was joking of course, me either. :)