Stupid policeman wtf..

This happened yesterday for the time I wrote this post

Well.. I got two summons from this fucking idiot snobbish policeman



Coz I got into accident last week

Never mind bout the accident, I'll tell later way below this post..

What I'm going to tell bout is~

At first I only got 1 summon, for late report, coz the accident happened last week

Well, it was at first we planned to share 50-50 to repair the motorcycle that I got into accident with.. so we both agree

Then, later he asked for RM5k?!?! WTF
Can't blame him also.. coz it's an old super-bike, hard to find the spare part -.-

Then we went to the police station la .. yesterday

So the investigation process went on,

My mom was beside me also in the office
Then he said my mom talked too much and said to get out from his office

Of course la, without opposing, my mom went out

But he didn't stop but talking bad things bout my mom -.-

He said like: "Your mom wasn't even there, then your mom talked like she knows it all. So sibuk (means busybody) la your mom".

WTF?! my mom already went out so STOP TALKING BOUT MY MOM and proceed you SNOB
Of course la, no mother wants to lepas tangan or do nothing if their kids got blamed at for any wrong doings and also, WHO LIKES PEOPLE SAYING BAD THINGS TO THEIR MOMS?

WTF, you think you're at high position you can say whatever you want??

The whole investigation seemed useless coz he never wanted to listen carefully my explanation,

Whenever I explained, he cut my story -.-

If you wonder what happened.. here is the story

Last week on Wednesday, I went out to send this gift that my girlfriends and I planned to give a surprise to this one gf.. so everyone had to pass on and write something in the gift .. so my turn finished so I went to pass the gift to my other friend where the home not so far, except had to cross the main road which always busy..

I already got onto the main road, and I stopped on the red light.. then when it was GREEN (my sister also saw GREEN!), after seeing the cars on the opposite side all stopped so I drove my car away, to turn to the right. Suddenly this motorcycle came from nowhere (he had his motorcycle drove fast) . I managed to stopped and but both of him and I didn't manage to dodge so hit a lil and he fell..

Here's his explanation: He said his light was also GREEN and I was the one who broke the light..
(He also thought I don't have car license coz my voice is like a kid wth)

WTF.. the main road was so busy that none can manage to cross without the light is red! I was sure that the opposite cars all already STOPPED that I managed to drove my car to cross, well almost!, until the motorcycle came from nowhere and hit my car -.-

So while being investigated,

He made his conclusion,

That I was the one who's wrong

He said:

"Don't follow the traffic light, even it's green you have to make way to the opposite cars/motors. Imagine if it's thundering there and the traffic lights are broken, you have to make way also."


So I said the hell that time didn't even thundering and the light was normal!

So we went through some conversation,

Late already kinda 7.30 pm


And for the last, he still made me the one who's wrong.. sheeeet of paper

After writing his report (I had no idea what he typed, he could also twist the real story)

He asked me, "What else you want to say?"

I still said my light was green that's why I drove away and the cars all stopped, but then that motorcycle the one who suddenly came from nowhere coz driven fast and hit my car

Then the policeman said I talked too much,



What a freaking beggar -.-

He gave me another summon just to shut me up and because he had no idea to talk back my statements

WTF so lepas tangan?? I knew you wanted to go back home fast coz it was like 7.30pm but wth give me another summon???? Coz I talked too much??


That's the end of story -.-

Oh wait, before I went out from his office,

I shouted , 'So you gave me another summons because you couldn't talk back?? Thanks for nothing!"

Unfortunately he said to repeat coz he couldn't catch what I said. Darn -.-

Then I just walked out home.. with the two summons.


What you guys think? Is this a reasonable action that the policeman gave me ?

I'm still mad tho T3T
Who don't? Burn RM700 already to pay this summons.. wth

Reasons of why I don't like KIDS!

I just came back from trip to my hometown and as usual, I met my young nieces and cousins. After all, I treated them in the equal way from babies to toddlers to naughty kids. But I couldn't resist to feel annoyed to some kids from the way they talk, walk, eat, act blah blah :-

PS: These are from my experiences, so nuff said.

ONE. They like to pick nose and try to touch me with the same finger they used!
TWO. When I say STOP that means to them, 'DO MOOOOOOOOOOORE!'
THREE. They like to hit me with whatever things they have in their hands. Once they got a ball and threw it to me, both the ball and my head bounced -.-
FOUR. They think they are cute when they eat with food got onto all over their faces, and they do it on purpose. Well, I do think some kids are cute with their cheeks covered with food they are eating, but some aren't, and please to the aren't-cute-kids, stop doing that, so annoying -.-
FIVE. They put food into their mouths and take it out back. ugh.
SIX. They ask questions and when we answer, they say 'What?. After we repeat, they still say 'Uh?'/'What?' x10000
SEVEN. Hey I know you are a kiddo boy. But don't show your birds!! oh man.
EIGHT. Stop bringing all your toys to me. Not that I want to play with those blocks and teddies.

Thanks to my short trip I got to write this list :D

No, you first la. I follow you, ok or NOT?

I always do that to my friends haha. There are many factors actually of why I do that, in one case, I want myself to be secured. There was once my not-so-closed friend gave me a link, and I was afraid to click the link, so I go to my this-one-closed-friend and paste the link to her YM. Tho my lappy equipped with well anti-virus and spyware blockers I still want someone I trust to try it first, I don't care if she got virus or not as long as it wasn't me! HAHAHA. Well the end of the story, it was just a link to a scary pic -.- *dang to my sarcastic reaction*

From what I see, people usually do their things if their group-mates/colleagues/clans agree to do with, if not, they will think twice or hesitate to do on their own. For me, most of it I am also like that la (boo at me) but also for the spare of time, I like to be alone, do things that I can do on my own. I live in hostel, like boarding school if you wonder, and whenever it's about eating time, they'll search people or someone who they can eat with. To be honest, I don't like to eat with people, but .. just say that I have nice friends so lucky me to have people accompany me eating. (:

But I really don't get it of why people really want to stick with others all the time. I mean, I'm comfortable for myself being alone, no one to be dragged along, no one to be cared bout except myself. And whenever I do that, there must be mouths asking, "Omg, why are alone? Waaa~" -.- WTF? Is it too pitiful to walk alone?? The answer, NO. Hell no you faggot. And, I'm not pointing this attitude of asking to anyone, so it could also be you, whether you were asking to really know if 'I'm alone' or your reason to point out that I shouldn't be alone. The root is, don't butt into others' business. Nuff said.